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Kate Kinsella

Dr. Kate Kinsella is a national leader in the field of academic

language and literacy. Currently, she is an adjunct faculty member in

San Francisco State University’s Center for Teacher Efficacy. A popular

consultant, she focuses on improving the achievement of less proficient

readers and immigrant youth. She maintains her active classroom

involvement by writing curriculum and providing regular in-class

coaching and demonstration lessons across the grade levels.


Dr. Kinsella is particularly proud of the instructional programs she

developed for English learners and less proficient readers: English 3D

and READ 180: Next Generation. She also developed The Academic

Vocabulary Toolkit which targets mastery of the high-utility words

needed for school success.


Dr. Kinsella’s new, interactive seminar is loaded with

proven strategies and practical tools. You’ll learn how to build

the vocabulary, reading and writing skills required by today's new

academic standards. Whatever grade or subject you teach, you

can’t afford to miss this lively and infomative day of hands-on and

minds-on learning.



“So many practical ideas for building vocabulary

and comprehension!!”

– Patricia Malone, 7th Grade Teacher, Language Arts


“Thanks for addressing the challenge of working with

adolescent English Learners.”

– Leah Bridges, 10th Grade English Teacher


“Targeting high-priority words will help all my students be

better prepared for middle school.”

– Josie Ramirez, 5th Grade Teacher


“Dr. Kinsella’s strategies will really help students who struggle

with our textbooks.”

– Tim Martin, High School History Teacher


“Kate is a dynamo! I always learn something new at

her seminars.”

– Lucy Larkin, 4th Grade Teacher


“What I know is that Kate’s strategies work! She knows

exactly what students need to succeed and what teachers

need to do to get them there.”

–Kevin Yee, 12th Grade Reading Teacher


“I can always count on Kate to give my teachers what they

need to develop their students’ vocabulary and comprehension.”
– Shilo McAllister, High School Principal


“Thanks for showing me how I can easily incorporate good

reading instruction into my Social Studies lessons.”
– Rich Martinez, 6th Grade
Social Studies Teacher